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Could you use a counsellor?

Life holds many challenges for us all, both in work and our personal lives. If you are struggling to put your life changes into perspective then Buxton and Chesterfield Counselling can help you. Making that first move towards change can be easier with someone to share it with.

If you are experiencing problems, it is likely that exploration with a trained counsellor will be beneficial and enable you to continue your own unique journey in life.

Are you a victim of domestic abuse, child sexual abuse, feeling frightened with no one to talk to, or experienced physical, emotional or sexual abuse in your past or present, leaving you feeling isolated and confused?

Perhaps there is something in your present relationship that is holding you back in some way?

Feelings of guilt or shame can often consume our everyday lives and it helps to understand where these feelings come from. Exploration with a counsellor may help you to put things into perspective.

Do you feel stuck in some way feeling helpless while life is slipping you by, leaving you frustrated because you have not got the confidence to embrace new opportunities?

Bereavement such as losing a child, family member or close loved one can be painful. Are you feeling locked in your grief? The loss of a job, pet or friendship can leave you feeling lost and in need of someone to share the burden.

Are you suffering from fatigue from a personal experience and wondering why you are feeling so low? Or have you lost confidence, maybe from a childhood experience or trauma, or feel you have lost identity and need time and space to explore your inner self? Are you angry because you have been subjected to experiences beyond your control that are affecting your every day life? Lacking in trust can prevent us moving on in our relationships.

In all these circumstances, and more, it can be reassuring and helpful to talk with a trained counsellor.